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Private Commissions


Oil painting, Sailing boat on Norfolk broads 2021

BlueElephants copy.jpg

Oil Painting, blue elephants..

Originals, Gicell prints and digital files available..


  • Oil, Gouache and Pen & Ink paintings

  • Graphite drawings

  • Multi-media Artwork

  • Five minute videos and blog to learn art - coming very soon..

  • Giclee prints that last a life-time

  • Low-cost instant Digital downloads to Print-from-home

  • Silk and canvas prints * coming soon

  • High-quality originals use Artist canvas, professional mediums and finest art paper - better materials mean better quality.

  • Free delivery in the U.K


Paintings available on here: Seascapes, Landscapes, Fishing boats and sailing boats, wildlife, including: elephants, Ostrich, Kangaroo, fish, Leopolds, birds etc. also surreal artwork.


All original artwork is signed and authenticated by the artist...

Giclee printing was designed for fine art digital printing using high-quality inks and are said to last up to 100 years...


Most of the original artwork is available as a Giclee Print as well as a digital file so you can download to print-at-home..

At Five Minute Artist, I'm passionate about helping people of all ages and abilities to learn how to paint and draw. Through my blog posts and videos, I will break down the steps that are easy to follow. If you have five minutes, I'm confident that you will find something to help you on your creative journey. I'm also passionate about sharing my own art with the world. All of my artwork is available for purchase and I'm excited to see what inspires you. Come take a look and let your inner artist out!

Welcome to Five Minute Artist, the home of art and creativity. I'm a professional artist who loves to share my passion for creating art with others. On my site, you'll find a range of five minute videos and five minutes to read about the art process, so you can learn something new every day. Whether you're a beginner who's just starting out or a seasoned artist looking for a new challenge, I'm here to help. Come join me on this creative journey and let's explore the world of art together!


Gouache originals, upon purchase, will be dispacted and posted out within 24 hours.


A digital PDF file is available to download instantly after purchase, this will take a few minutes - you can then print at home or send to your local printers.


Upon purchase a RAW data file is sent to our printer a Giclee print is created, evaluated for quality and then posted to you within 48 hours.


Oil originals, upon purchase, will inspected and if required cleaned and then be dispacted and posted out within 48 hours.


Graphite originals, upon purchase, will be dispacted and posted out within 24 hours.


Pen and ink originals, upon purchase, will be dispacted and posted out within 24 hours.


Some examples of my work...

Deerinfields copy.jpg

Oil Painting, Honey bee on a flower


Mixed -Media, Robin on a tree stump

Graphite pencil and powder, Walking the Donkey...



A brief look at the Artists Creative process - step by step..

  • Start by creating a set of initial thumbnail sketches from real-life, a photo image, imagination, or your memory.

  • Create a final composition from the final thumbnail sketch of your choice you may have more than one that will work as a final piece

  • Create the finish drawing on good quality professional artist's paper or canvas.

  • For pen and ink or gouache paintings, you can use a either watercolour or gouache base, then add Pen and Ink or Gouache by mixing colours

  • Add the correct values and tones to finish composition

  • Finally add an ink wash or watercolour or even gouache to give some depth.

bernardCat copy.jpg


Thanks for submitting!

Paint Colors

"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do"

Edgar Degas


Phillip J Mosely

Cambridge, UK


M: 07879334999

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