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Five Minute Artist

I create oil paintings, pen and Ink drawings and Gouache Paintings,

as well as Giclee Prints and Digital files to print-at-home

but also coming soon Silk and canvas prints!

I paint a lot in Gouache (designer paint) as the colours are more vibrant they work well for nautical scenes like

a seascape with a fishing trawler at sea. Others include a fishing boat with its nets out or a sailing boat on a sea, someone sailing on a river or people fishing on a lake.


Plenty more to look at like a sea crab on a beach, a pheasant in the countryside, or a bee collecting honey from a flower.


I love working with Indian ink, it's fabulous, argubaly more vibrant than gouache,

I've painted seascape with fishing boats (a favourite), a kingfisher on a branch,

a footpath through a wood in summer or a autumn woodland scene.


I also use Copic and Japanese art pens to create drawings, such as a horse and plough in a farmers field

to the more abstract image of a Harley Davidson motorbike.

You can download a digital file to print these Copic drawn artworks from home.  

I tend to do more surreal art in Graphite that normally includes wildlife and unpredicatble scenes.

The artwork can be a bit funky but fun, like the gorilla and a butterfly having a deep moment,

a kangaroo leaping off a giants hand and the donkey being walked down a flight of stairs.



" You can learn art techniques in five minutes..."

There I said it..

People learn by doing (called a kinesthetic learner) and or from listening or hearing someone else talk about it (audiotry)

and or through observational learning (that is watching the process or action).

It could be you use all three in any combination.

Therefore, I will offer all three methods combined to teach you what you can do.


This I will do through art Youtube videos and blog content lessons.

The intention is to produce short, to the point videos, and well scripted blogs on all techniques on art:

Youngsters nowadays call it cheats my generation say it's getting to the point and avoiding the waffle.


It'll include how to choose a subject, drawing an initial outline of your subject and laying in first tones

as tones are where the biggest mistakes occur.

I will expand further in the videos, so keep an eye out on here by following this page and or my social media for an announcment soon.


I've helped local children who were at the prestiguous

Perce Upper school in Cambridge and needed to build a ART portfolio,

some have been lucky to gone on to art school.

I can teach and have done so for the last ten years but been doing art since the age of four,

I was never talented I just worked at getting better it's just a process - everyone can do art!

I want to pass on the knowledge on how to take a subject like: a Kingfisher on a log, or leopold hanging in a tree

or even a full oil painting of a sail boat in a seascape and show you the whole process it doesn't matter if you're young or old!

The Five Minute Artist videos are a short cut to what to do instead of the long-winded academic blurb.




My Story

As a youngster about 4 years old I watched one of our babysitters friend drawing of a motobike with just a scap bit of crumpled old line paper and a biro.


Mum said I was instantly hooked in drawing from then on and obsessed motorbikes with a biro and then our pets - I really should try to replicate those old biro drawings.
I took art much more seriously a few years ago recoverying from cancer and started to do some, pet portraits, cats, dogs, oh yes and a fox. Yes I know unusaul request but
it really worked well as a commission I completed it in coloured pencil - please check my instagram - I even sell the Giclee prints of it on here and my Etsy account.


I was then was asked to do some commissioned Oil paintings (Sail boat on the broads, a cityscape of old London town and portraits like Paul Weller and Sting, the requests just kept coming, so when someone said I should sell them on Etsy or have my own web page - well here I am.


My operation is a bit small and I'm still trying to work out how to get people to visit and view the webpage and invite their friends - all advice accepted.

Working as SEN teacher it took most of my spare time marking the kids work, so I really didn't focus enough on art before. However, because I had to give up work, I instantly had much more time and so I started re-learning the old stuff and focusing on some new processes like the use of new media like Pen and Inks - absolutely my favourite - honestly the colours are so vivid and vibrant - well I want to share what I know with you so please keep an eye out for a new blog, new videos and my new Youtube site - FveMinuteArtist!

The boss, the admin clerk, cleaner and everything else..

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