Mixed Media (Pencil, Pen and Chalk).

Size: A4: Width: 9” (22.86 cm) by Height: 12:15” (30.86 cm)

Surface: Archers Aquarelle, Watercolour paper, Hot Pressed 300 g/m2

Kingfisher fish "the handover"

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  • Sketch is either from a live subject or from a photograph taken by artist or various other sources, initial sketch is completed and then polychromous colour layers are added, before working between darks and lights - adding  warm, cool and neutral layers - final process is adding either Pan Pastel, chalk or watercolour pencil.

    A photograpic digital copy is then sent for printing.

    Using Giclee printing inks and on Fuji Photo rag 300gsm ph Neutral paper.